Can diet help with Lupus and autoimmune disease?

Having Lupus can feel so far out of our control that we might look for ways to have some say over how our body is reacting. It could be we try alternative medicine or a new herbal supplement or maybe we completely change our diet!

I started to look for help outside of the medical world, I was taking painkillers, anti-inflammatories, a malaria drug, tablets for heartburn and stuff for constipation, both of these last two have been chronic for around 18 years! The medications all helped but didn’t help enough, I still struggled to work and still was incredibly light and sun sensitive. I was permanently exhausted and becoming depressed. While off work for a couple of months I looked into supplements and started to take some very expensive fruit and veg supplements that someone recommended. They kind of helped but I couldn’t afford to keep it up and it wasn’t life-changing I used them for around 3 months.

Using them got me thinking though, what if I could feed my body better would it help? I started to research and found Dr. Goldner’s book Goodbye Lupus and more recently Goodbye Autoimmune. I joined the facebook group Smoothie solution #smoothieshred and read the testimonials, I got started felt better then gave up the lure of carbs and sugar got me!

So is it just another fad or Can Diet help with Lupus? Honestly, I believe it can, food is the fuel we feed our cells to do their work, so it stands to reason that if we feed our cells rubbish they won’t be working at optimum! This way of eating is called hyper nourishing.

So how come there are some people who eat terrible diets and have no ill effects at all? It is just like some people can smoke all their adult lives and end up living long healthy lives others end up with cancer. Dr. Goldner [who herself healed Lupus] says that your diet won’t give you Lupus or any other disease, but that if you are predisposed to a condition it will turn it on!

So fast forward to today… I have read her new book Goodbye Autoimmune which also helps with the psychological barriers to following this, or any other plan, I completed the exercises in the book, shopped my hyper-nourishing foods and got started! I decided to follow the rapid healing for four weeks, then I would add neutral foods if I chose to! So my diet was a blender full of smoothie I used kale, spinach oranges, and banana sometimes berries. You use 75% greens and 25% fruit also a 1/2 cup of flax or chia every day. You can have no oil the flax gives you omega 3s but you want to severely limit your omega 6’s. I would also have a massive salad to eat and a little fruit to snack on. I also drank around a gallon of water … an American gallon!

For four weeks no other foods passed my lips I was focused and determined, I figured that it might not cure but surely I would feel a bit better! The first thing to clear was my brain fog! How awesome to think clearly.

Then I found my heartburn was better and I was only occasionally taking meds for it.

My sleep improved massively and my energy levels soared… then bang my pain levels went through the roof about two weeks in and I was in more pain than I have been in a long time! Then after another week my pain levels dropped and continued to drop.

Today … 6 weeks on and still mostly eating raw foods with the occasional whole food soup…I get out of bed having usually had a refreshing nights sleep, I can walk without stiffness straight away and my hands uncurl with no effort. The hip pain that used to gnaw away at me during the night is just a twinge now, and the intense muscle pains that would have me crying for hours most nights have totally gone!

I used to hobble up the stairs and often just decide to not bother since it would hurt so much but now I find myself sprinting up them! I rarely take painkillers now, I still have a bit of a rash and although I am still sun sensitive that is improving, I used to have to wear sunglasses outside regardless of the weather, even on grey rainy days but the last few days I have managed successfully without them and not ended up feeling sick and headachey.

I walk well now with a lovely swing to my walk that I haven’t had for years. No more hobbling along stiff and uncomfortable like an elderly woman waiting for a hip and knee replacement! I don’t make ‘ugh’ noises when I get out of the chair anymore I just get up without thinking about it without gearing myself up to the effort and pain!

My mood has improved and I am accomplishing more in my day, I feel more ‘normal’ and life is good! I am tired at the moment though, a real sleepy tired but then I think my body is working hard to heal at a cellular level so using a lot of energy and I am doing so much more but haven’t, yet, built up stamina… it will come!

For me, and it seems many, this eating protocol does work! I am not sure if it’s healing since if I went back to the way I was eating before I would likely get sick again but its definitely putting this awful illness to sleep. If the amount of improvement I have now was all I was going to get out of it, I’d count it a success, I hope for more, I hope for no sun sensitivity so I can go out on a beautiful day in the sunshine and not worry, I hope for even less pain and more energy but where I am compared to where I was is amazing!

So what now? Will I eat like this forever? Well Dr. G recommends eating the smoothies and raw salads for 4-6 weeks, then you can add neutral foods on top of all your greens and hyper nourishing, these would be vegan, whole foods. Once you have been symptom-free for 6 months you could start adding other foods occasionally. All the time you would drink your gallon of water and your smoothies or consume your greens raw they would form the basis of your diet!

It’s not easy giving up sugar and all the yummy foods but by crowding out with all the good stuff, once the cravings pass, your taste buds do change but you need to stick to it not cheat at all for a good while otherwise, you will set those cravings off again! One theory I heard was that if you predominantly feed your body carbs and simple sugars then your gut will have more bacteria to deal with those so when you cut off the supply those bacteria set off the cravings because otherwise they will starve and die off and your gut flora will change!

If you are considering this protocol I would say ‘go for it!’ at the very least you will be fueling your body better to cope with your illness but I think you would find a dramatic improvement… imagine your life back in exchange for some of your favourite foods! You’ll make new favourites! How many times have you said ‘I would give anything to be better!’ It’s gotta be worth a try!

Good luck and if you try it or you have tried it let me know how it went!

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