Famous People with Lupus.

Having a chronic illness such as Lupus can often feel very lonely and isolating. It can really help to join support groups or find out about other people who also share similar struggles.

It can seem that celebrities have it all, health, wealth, success however they are also human and Lupus knows no barriers and doesn’t discriminate. In this article, we will find out a little more about celebrities with Lupus. How do they cope, how has it impacted their lives? Can we relate? I hope it offers inspiration and maybe some comfort.

Lady Gaga.

Featured Photo: Rogue Artists / CC BY

This fabulous, vibrant, talented artist has tested borderline positive with Lupus, but the impact on her family is much greater as her Aunt died from Lupus complications in her teens. It is however reported in an interview with Arthritis magazine that Gaga has Rheumatoid arthritis another autoimmune disease.

She has struggled with hip pain, muscle spasm, and fatigue and has also been diagnosed with Fybromyalgia which often goes hand in hand with autoimmune diseases.

She talks about how she takes care of herself in order to help her body as much as possible so she can continue with her passion of music and performing. In her film Gaga;five-foot-two, she is shown receiving treatment and shown in an episode of extreme pain, I definitely could identify with her.

Read more about Gaga here…

Selena Gomez.

Photo: Jennifer / CC BY-SA

Gomez revealed her Lupus diagnosis after having to have a kidney transplant due to Lupus Nephritis. She was donated a kidney by her best friend. She has talked openly about living with lupus since and has had to undergo chemo to control her condition. She continues with her career, although she has, at times had to cancel tours and take time off during flare-ups. She is a welcome voice raising awareness of this dreadful condition and offering hope and positivity of a full productive joyful life in between flares.


Photo: Seal_Berlinale_2008.jpg: Siebbiderivative work: Daryona / CC BY

Seal has discoid lupus, DLE, he has obvious scarring on his face from the disease, which he has been living with since his teenage years. He is less outspoken about his condition compared to the two ladies above but has talked about channeling his energy and pain into his music, and what beautiful music it is!


Micheal Jackson.

Photo: Georges Biard / CC BY-SA

It is believed that Micheal Jackson suffered from DLE, as well as vitiligo. It was never confirmed but in this article, they look at some of the wardrobe choices Jackson made which might be familiar to fellow suffers, he often used umbrellas even when it wasn’t raining and since lots of Lupies are photosensitive this makes sense, even his wearing of gloves or face masks could be to cover up legions or to protect himself. Although he never confirmed his condition he did support Lupus charities by speaking at events and donating to them.

Kirsten Johnson.

This actress has battled Lupus Myelitis which affects the spinal cord she is now in remission and uses her position to speak up about lupus and support lupus charities, she also has continued working and is reported to be feeling very positive about life.

There are many more, Nick Cannon, Toni Braxton, Trick Daddy, and Shannon Boxx to name just a few.

Whilst doing my research I was surprised to learn of people from history who had, or were believed to have had Lupus, it reminded me its not a new thing!


Beethoven is believed to have had Lupus and in some portraits of him show his flushed cheeks (malar rash) it is said that his redness was often commented on however people may have thought he was a heavy drinker!

Louisa May Alcott

The author most famous for ‘Little Women’ is also thought to have had Lupus. She too is shown in some portraits with flushed cheeks and kept a diary of her symptoms listing vertigo, painful joints, and skin rashes amongst other things, which has led medical historians to believe she did indeed have undiagnosed Lupus. She died suddenly aged 55 from a stroke. read more here

It’s encouraging to know that even with Lupus onboard these and other famous people managed to follow their passions and get to the top of their ‘game’. We might not be aspiring to be a composer, novelist or footballer, but we live with our hopes and dreams and we can take comfort that despite the challenges we might be able to make some or all of our dreams realities.

I find it incredible that people from as long ago as ancient times have had this condition, so it’s nothing to do with the ‘modern age’ I also find it horrifying that all those years ago people with a malar rash were thought, by some, to be werewolves! Talk about stigma!!

I hope you keep well and fulfill some, if not all of your dreams!





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