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I’m not Coping!

My joints hurt and my bones ache
My eyes burn and swell
My teeth ache my mouth is sore
But that’s not why I’m not coping

My hair thins and my scalp itches
My lips swell and tears fall
I’m so tired it aches to breathe
And my heartbeat is jumpy
But that’s not why I’m not coping.

I’m not coping because I feel less than I was
I feel like I am lost in my illness
I feel buried in sadness because I can’t keep up
And I don’t meet expectations.

I feel lost and lonely in my own private hell
Where I berate myself for being weak
I don’t know how to get back up
And take on the day… so I just sleep.

I don’t know my place
I don’t know where I fit in
Will I rise or will I fall
And will anyone notice
That I’m not coping?

Lisa Viljoen